• Mandy

Apiary Visit | Dr. Thomas Seeley

I have been sitting on this since September 2018 because I was so worried about the quality of the audio that I locked it away in the vault… Until now. This was the 3rd interview that I ever recorded for the show… and needless to say it was (and still is) a very very big deal. I had the opportunity to spend some time with our guest in my backyard apiary so you’ll hear cars and crows and airplanes in the background. But more importantly, you’ll get to hear a candid conversation with the author of Honeybee Ecology, Wisdom of the Hive, Following the Wild Bees, Honeybee Democracy, and his latest book The Lives of Bees. It is an absolute privilege to share my conversation with Dr. Thomas Seeley!

You can purchase Dr. Seeley's most recent book The Lives of Bees here.


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