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Beekeeper Confidential | Nectar Creek

I visited Nectar Creek Tap Room in Philomath, Oregon. Can I just say YUM? I have been an admirer of Nectar Creek session meads for years and I was so happy that they accepted my invite to be a guest on my show. I was greeted with a refreshing flight of Waggle, Clary Sage, Top Bar, and Nectarade all made on site in their production facility. Co-Owner Nick Lorenz and I sat down and he told me all about how he and his brother Phillip have established themselves as leaders in the craft mead industry by rewriting the rule book on craft beverages by serving up unique, thoughtfully procured session meads that leave this beekeeper swooning for more.

Notes from the episode:

Nectar Creek

USDA Hop Research with OSU

Queen Bee Honey Company

Crystallized Honey

OSU Honey Bee Lab

More on Barrel Brokers


Willy Wonka

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