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Beekeeper Confidential | The Social Work of Social Insects | Beekeeping with Rachel Phariss

What do crisis management for acutely mentally ill people and beekeeping have in common? More than you would think! In this episode I chat with Portland beekeeper (self-proclaimed bee weirdo) & social worker Rachel Phariss. She has been working with bees for 4 years and has had some hilarious adventures along the way. You can listen here on my website, on PodBean, iTunes, Google Play Music, and Stitcher. To become a patron, visit my patron page!

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Bridgetown Bees

Xerces Society

Home Depot statement on Neonics

Pesticide Factsheet from NW Alternatives to Pesticides

Resources for locating pesticide free nurseries

More on pesticide free nurseries

Scene from Candyman the movie *Watching this made me cringe - - - The bees were being so nice and chill, though*

Ologies, hosted by Alie Ward

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