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Hilary Kearney | Girl Next Door Honey

This week's Beekeeper Confidential guest is a creative powerhouse who has harnessed her talents to build a successful beekeeping business and has established herself as a leader in the industry. I got to spend time with her while she was in Portland promoting her new book, Queenspotting. I attended her book reading and signing at Powell’s bookstore and afterwards we visited over cocktails and delicious popcorn. It was really great to spend time getting to know the person behind the fame prior to recording this episode, which was planned for the following day. We had originally planned to have the interview at the international rose test garden, but traffic that afternoon was so gnarly and when I went to pick her up I saw how close she was staying to an even better interview spot. So I made a quick phone call to a friend to see if we could use his space for the afternoon, and the rest was history… Meet Hilary Kearney of Girl Next Door Honey!

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