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Mason Bees | Debbie Thomas

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Mason bees - THE GATEWAY BEE! The first bee that I fell in love with and learned to keep, that eventually led me to keeping honey bees. Their popularity among backyard gardeners is rising, but like any creature, they require specialized care. I met with master gardener and mason bee expert, Debbie Thomas to talk about caring for mason bees, what kinds of houses and nesting tubes to use (and not use). In addition to providing the community with mason bee cocoons and homes, Debbie keeps busy tending her incredible garden (see pictures below) and at one time was making beautiful garden sculptures. Debbie sells the mason bee houses pictured below (in the Portland Metro area), along with nesting tubes and cocoons and can be contacted at blackdiamonddebbie@msn.com.

Here is info that Debbie provides to all of her new mason bee customers:

15 minute video

2 page sheet

8 page detailed info on cleaning w/pictures

Why not to use bamboo reeds

Home Orchard Society info on Mason bees

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