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Natural Beekeeping Conference Wrap Up

It was a memorable weekend at the Honey Love Natural Beekeeping Conference! With nearly my entire stock of beekeeper veils in tow, I flew to Los Angeles to spend the weekend celebrating honey bees, plants, beekeeping, and community.

The lineup of speakers included Michael Thiele, Solomon Parker, Les Crowder, Fonta Molyneaux, and Matt Reed who brought the house down with his very poignant talk about the rise and fall of Bee Thinking. Matt also documented the weekend with his incredible photography (see gallery below).

I was very pleased at the response to my beekeeper veils. This was a wonderful opportunity to have women with diverse builds try them on (a seamstress is always looking to make a perfect fit), and I nearly sold out of veils on the first day.

Conference after hours were spent enjoying food and drinks, and singing songs with my fellow beekeepers. It was an experience reminiscent of summer camp!

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