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Slaying Mites | Dr. Samuel Ramsey

This interview was months in the making. I made my first request for an interview via Instagram while at a cocktail party… let’s just say I was feeling courageous. I officially booked it in February and then recorded it from my apiary on May 6th. On the day of the interview, I was minutes away from receiving our guests phone call when a swarm call came in. I didn’t answer it, obviously, but they also sent a text with photos that I received during the interview and it was a PRIME swarm right in my neighborhood, right near a patch of known bee trees, hanging from a tree at eye level. Holy smokes. SO, not only did I get to have an EPIC conversation with our guest, I also got to go and collect and EPIC swarm right afterwards. It was an amazing day!!!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to share this interview with you!!! He’s a scientist who shocked the bee world when he tested and proved what varroa mites are really pigging out on. Meet the talented, the brilliant singing scientist Dr. Samuel Ramsey!

Check out his Go Fund Me page to help his important research!

Subscribe to his totally awesome YouTube channel!

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