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Wild Everlasting | Fonta Molyneaux

I met today’s guest last October at the Oregon State Beekeepers Association conference. We had recently connected on social media so she wasn’t a complete stranger, but I had never met her in person. She greeted me with the most generous hug and genuine enthusiasm for this show (even though it was still in its infancy). Our paths crossed again in person when we both presented at the Feminine Legacy in Beekeeping conference last May and we happened to be staying at the same B&B. It was a totally bonding experience for us and we have been very close ever since. Though we are separated by a 4 hour drive and we don’t get to hang out very often, when we do, it is a total bee girl party. This summer I got to go visit her at her bio dynamic farm in Cottage Grove, which is lovingly named Wild Everlasting. It is a place that is dedicated to the health of pollinators, and has been recognized as an Oregon Bee Project Flagship Farm. I am so excited to introduce you to my friend and bee goddess, Fonta Molyneaux!

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