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When I first became a beekeeper I couldn't stand the unattractive and uncomfortable veils on the market. So I put my creative skills to work and designed a beekeeper veil that is both beautiful and funtional. Our bees are special, and our veils should be too!


The wide viewing screen allows for excellent visibility for hive inspections and swarm catching. The UPF 50+ straw hat helps to protect your skin from sun damage. Each veil is cut, serged, and assembled by hand. Made with high quality cottons, this veil provides stylish and breathable protection that can be worn with our without your bee suit. 


SIZING - The adjustable hat fits heads up to 60cm, and the bodice is made to fit your size (same as your t-shirt size).


I make these veils in my creative studio, which sits along side of my backyard apiary. While working on warm days, I open the studio windows and can hear the hum of my honey's hard at work. 

Beekeeper Veil | Swifting Flora | Made to Order

Size (same as your t-shirt size)