Handmade by a Beekeeper

Crafted in the beautiful Pacific Northwest

Beekeeper and textile artist Mandy Shaw makes each veil by hand in her "studio by the bees" which sits alongside her backyard apiary. On warm days she can open the windows and hear her beloved bees hard at work bringing life to her surrounding neighborhood. Mandy wanted to create a veil that is as unique and hard working as bees and their beekeepers. She has been making her specialty beekeeper veils since 2016. 


 “My veil by Mandy is my absolute favorite and most gorgeous piece of beekeeping gear! The design with the hat makes it incredibly comfortable and the brim blocks the sun so you can easily see what you are doing. So easy to take on and off and I’ve been continuously impressed with the high quality, they’re the only veils I will ever buy again!”

- Ellen Brooks, Black Cat Bees

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