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Mentorship & Hive Management

Let Mandy show you the ropes of keeping backyard bees.

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Did a swarm of bees land on your property?

Mandy can help!

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Workshops & Presentations

Mandy is available to speak to your class or organization.

Upcoming Events
Waggle Works School of Apiary Management | Spring Colony Management
Late April, specific date TBD
Join Mandy Shaw for the second installment of this 4 part series that focuses on holistic beekeeping techniques that will keep your bees healthy year round.
Pacific Northwest Artist Matty Malone Loves the Bees!

Matty Malone of Matty Malone Studios has generously pledged 25% of proceeds from her "Save the Bees" series towards Waggle Works. Matty uses her talents to express her love for nature and is on a mission to make the world more beautiful through sharing her fine arts and crafts. 

To learn more about Matty's work, click on the heart.

Waggle Works is a Botanical Interests affiliate!


By shopping their online seed catalog using the "shop now" button to the left, 15% of your purchase goes towards helping me to help the bees. Their gorgeous catalog includes more than 200 certified organic seeds, over 350 heirlooms and are not pre-treated with chemicals, making them safe for pollinators!