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Beekeeper Life | Tucka Saville

I continue to be blown away by the amazing people that I get to talk to because of this show. I mean, how often can you just send a stranger a message on social media and say “can we talk?” But having this podcast has afforded me this luxury and it is one that I absolutely treasure. Tucka Saville is a beekeeper who caught my eye on social media because of her delight in swarm catching, queen rearing, and sharing educational bee info with a sense of humor. She is just as funny and smart on the phone as she is on social media! We talk about my favorite obsession - drumming bees - swarms and bait hives, skep hives, the 24/7 hustle of the life of a queen breeder, natural beekeeping, bloopers, and how amphibians can mess you up.

Follow Tucka on Instagram, and order queens through her website.

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